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SupaGeek PCIe to 4x Type A and 1x Type C USB Card CA$48.43
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Quiet PC SupaGeek PCIe to 4x Type A and 1x Type C USB Card

This handy little card will add a total of five extra USB3.0 ports to your PC, 4x Type-A and 1x Type-C ports.


  1. Simple way of adding additional USB ports to a PC
  2. 4x Type-A, 1x Type-C and internal header
  3. Supplied with low profile bracket
  4. Requires SATA power connector

The SupaGeek PCI Express to USB3.0 is an expansion card designed to add additional USB3.0 ports to your desktop PC. It provides a total of five additional ports accessible externally. Four of the five ports are standard Type-A USB ports and the other is a universal Type-C port. The card also features a SATA power connector to provide sufficient power to the card to ensure smooth data transfer. It also features an internal header for connecting USB3.0 internal cable, which is designed to extend USB ports to the front of the chassis, assuming your chassis supports this.

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When I walk into the room for a brief moment I wonder if my PC is still switched on.

No more roar from the fans drowning out the quiet parts of a video or film.


The fan roar really used to annoy me. :(

The biggest problem I had was working out how to dissemble the original CPU cooling unit without breaking the tiny plastic parts that held the fan.

I suppose a special tool is required to do it easily.

However not to be out done, I used 3 thin-bladed table knives simultaneously to form a 3-sided tool on 3 clips to carefully unclip the old fan with no damage whatsoever.

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(Review via Trustpilot)