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Starting at CA$952.00 and despatched within 5 working days

Our range of Home/Office PCs represent cutting edge performance at a great price. Choose our recommended default configurations, or add only the extras and upgrades you need so you don’t spend money on the parts you’ll never use. We also have a range of completely silent Home/Office PCs which offer fanless design for 100% silent running combined with high performance and super fast M.2 drives for excellent responsiveness - ideal for general purpose use or as family computers where silence is a must!

Home and Office PCs

Starting at CA$982.00 and despatched within 5 working days

Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) and the ASUS PN Mini PCs are ultra-compact form factor (UCFF) PCs with a size and capability that is hard to believe. These fully built systems are supplied with up to 64GB of RAM and all include space for at least one M.2 drive. Whichever version you opt for we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Mini PCs

Pro Workstations and Rackmount PCs

Starting at CA$1,174.00 and despatched within 5 working days

Sometimes you need a PC for a specific primary purpose such as photographic retouching, music and video editing etc. We offer machines which have been tailored to specific tasks and can be further customised as required. In addition, we offer a range of Rackmounted PCs, including an innovative completely fanless option for silent operation.

Pro Workstations and Rackmount PCs

Starting at CA$1,100.00 and despatched within 5 working days

If you are looking for a media PC to place in the living room, you really need something that looks great and runs with no discernible noise. These silent systems all feature chassis from Streacom that incorporate fanless heatpipe cooling for the CPU. There are a wide range of chassis available - from the very small which can accommodate just one drive, to the large which can hold up to five drives - check out the power and beauty on offer.

Silent Media PCs

Starting at CA$1,239.00 and despatched within 5 working days

Good things come in small packages, including PCs. If you don’t have much room, you might be surprised how a powerful machine doesn’t need to take up much space these days.

Small PCs

Starting at CA$1,469.00 and despatched within 5 working days

If you desire complete silence during less demanding tasks but need a high-performance PC, consider our range of Semi-Fanless PCs. These systems are meticulously crafted to maintain absolute silence during lighter workloads, with the fans activating only when tasks and temperatures intensify.

Semi-Fanless PCs

Starting at CA$1,165.00.

If you need your new PC quickly, why not choose from one of our ready-built systems? With a choice of specification, they’re fully built and ready for immediate despatch.

Quiet PCs for Immediate Delivery

Starting at CA$1,534.00 and despatched within 5 working days

Our Serenity Gamers are a force to be reckoned with! For deeply involving, silky-smooth gameplay. These PCs blow any console clean away in performance, looks, versatility and quietness.

Quiet Gaming PCs

More About Buying a PC System from Quiet PC

We despatch in 5 working days
Minimum 2 year warranty
Open case policy allows upgrades
Clean Build™ - no “junkware” installed
Original OS and drivers on DVDs

These short videos explain how we can help you with ordering, delivery and support of your new Quiet PC System.

Pre-sales Advice
Pre-sales Advice
When the System Arrives
When the System Arrives
Windows Activation
Windows Activation
Lifetime Tech Support
Lifetime Tech Support
International Orders
International Orders

We despatch all new PCs within 5 working days — and we are often quicker than this. If you require an even faster service then we have a 3 working day option. For a more detailed schedule please click the round question mark for each service on the PC configurator page.